When you’re busy changing the world, you don’t have time to worry about your web presence. Keeping track of domain renewals, deciding when to enable backups, and knowing whether or not an update is going to break your website can all detract from your focus, time, and energy. So let us do it instead.

Typecoast offers Hosting + Maintenance packages that will allow you to rest easy knowing that someone else is taking care of your site. Our packages include hosting, domain registration, website security, optimization, content updates, and more. Take advantage of a worry-free consolidated system (domain, hosting, email & security) with renewals and assessment handled for you. 

Typecoast Host + Maintain

  • CDN & caching (for speed) & 99% uptime guarantee 
  • Backups & security updates (including SSL certificate management) 
  • Malware scanning & malicious traffic blocking 
  • Free domain with domain privacy, free migration 
  • Free usage of premium plugins 
  • Monthly stats and site health reporting 
  • Email account capability 
  • Up to one server-side service hour per month
  • One content edit per month (up to two hours per quarter)

Inquire within about higher levels of offerings, including ongoing SEO assistance and analysis, ongoing content calendar management, advanced security, and more.

Website Audit

If you’ve got questions about where you stand with accessibility, cookies, or website organization, book a website audit. We’ll log into the WordPress admin area of your website, testing speed, security, accessibility, and more, and provide a document of recommendations for improvement.

Includes: 1) recommendations for improvement regarding cookies, GDPR, accessibility assessment of one page, responsiveness & security; or 2) diagnostic look at one major issue with suggested roadmap for improvement.

Requires: hosting & WordPress admin access.