Begin the process now to convert your existing WordPress site to a secure,  accessible, GDPR-compliant block-based WordPress site. Utilize the full feature set of Gutenberg and WordPress 6.x., including internal style guides, unified color palates, and reusable pattern templates. 

Our block-by-block renovation process will bring your site into the present without a full rebuild.

Website Audit

If you’ve got questions about where you stand with accessibility, cookies, or website organization, book a website audit. We’ll log into the WordPress admin area of your website, testing speed, security, accessibility, and more, and provide a document of recommendations for improvement.

Includes: 1) recommendations for improvement regarding cookies, GDPR, accessibility assessment of one page, responsiveness & security; or 2) diagnostic look at one major issue with suggested roadmap for improvement.

Requires: hosting & WordPress admin access.

Block-by-block Renovation

  • Conversion of existing design to a WordPress 6.x Gutenberg block theme
  • Inclusion of branding colors and fonts into the Site Editor
  • Creation of repeated pattern templates so adding content is easier
  • GDPR compliance settings enacted
  • A new responsive mobile and tablet site version
  • Accessibility features and instruction on best practices

Accessibility means business.

In addition to legal requirements, adherence to accessibility best practices can increase the inclusivity and reach of your content. The World Health Organization estimates that 1 out of 6 people has some sort of disability, and many visitors to your website use screen readers or other assistive devices. Achieving consistent responsiveness and accessibility (a11y) is easier and more streamlined in the new WordPress. Block themes and site editing (formerly FSE, or full site editing) unlock new methods of making sure that none of your users are missing your message, while still allowing eye-catching designs. 

Upgrading to a block theme will make your website more powerful.

Rebuilding in the newest WordPress system will unlock new power and extend the life of your website. Block themes were officially introduced in January 2022, and since then have only gotten more exciting.  Controlling your content has become simpler, and sticking to your organization’s brand has become effortless.