Author: Typecoast Staff

  • WordPress 6.2: the Site Editor drops its Beta label

    Besides some improvements to the back end that will make website development and management more fun (for us), the most meaningful part of this update is that the Site Editor has taxied out of the Beta hanger — it’s now an official part of WordPress. Gutenberg Blocks and the Site Editor (originally called the Full […]

  • WHOIS supposed to deal with this scary confirmation email? ICANN’t!

    Sincerest apologies for the puns. Periodically, you might get a scary-looking email with a subject like “Immediate action required! Verify your WHOIS data!’ The ‘immediate action’ implies a process that might take a bit of time, but in reality, these are usually emails you can archive after reading—as long as the information in those emails […]

  • “Do I have a Problem with Passwords?” (A Diagnostic Questionnaire)

    “Do I have a Problem with Passwords?” (A Diagnostic Questionnaire)

    Only you can decide if you have a problem with passwords. But, questionnaires are fun, so here you go: How many of the following statements are true for you? If you agreed with…none of the statements above, you might not have a problem with to twelve of the statements above, you have a problem with […]