Typecoast is a West Coast–based WordPress workshop that brings letterpress sensibilities to web design in the arts and sciences. Using the latest and best practices in code and accessibility, we build websites that are secure, usable, and visually singular.


Block-by-block Renovations

Block themes are the future—and present—of cutting edge WordPress capabilities.

Begin the process now to convert your existing WordPress site to a secure,  accessible, GDPR-compliant block-based WordPress site. Utilize the full feature set of Gutenberg and WordPress 6.x., including internal style guides, unified color palates, and reusable pattern templates. 

Our block-by-block renovation process will bring your site into the present without a full rebuild, increase security and decrease load times for a zippier site.

Screenshot of partakearts.com, a wood-cut aesthetic with colors of bright orange and green. The logo is a woodcut pine-cone. Website text is visible, and the main tagline reads: "Partake arts is a nimble, responsive arts administration consultancy that guides artists and organizations through challenge, change and opportunity.…[continues]"


Host + Maintain

Typecoast offers fast, secure hosting and upkeep plans, to help free up your attention and time.

When you’re busy changing the world, you don’t have time to worry about your web presence. Keeping track of domain renewals, deciding when to enable backups, and knowing whether or not an update is going to break your website can all detract from your focus, time, and energy. So let us do it instead.

Typecoast offers Hosting + Maintenance packages that will allow you to rest easy knowing that someone else is taking care of your site. Our packages include hosting, domain registration, website security, optimization, content updates, and more. Take advantage of a worry-free consolidated system (domain, hosting, email & security) with renewals and assessment handled for you. 


New Builds

At Typecoast, we prioritize readability and accessibility.

Recent Builds

Typecoast helps its customers navigate the new web. We believe new web can be a more cohesive web; less distracting and meddlesome. Less dutiful to seasons of web design fads, less reliant on endless plugins to achieve core functionality. In the new web, accessibility and GDPR compliance aren’t afterthoughts. Design systems can be built directly into a Block Theme’s pattern database and the Site Editor’s stylesheets, so each new piece of content doesn’t require design decisions, painted on like so many layers of wallpaper. In the new web, search engine optimization starts at the site map, and the site map is informed by only the user’s UX journey. And in the new web, amidst incredible technological advances, delivering speedily rendered, pleasing type remains the primary function of most websites.

Typecoast brings letterpress sensibilities to WordPress block themes. In the beginning was the word, and so it remains. For now, the web is still a medium of the word, bolstered, of course, by color, art, photography and videography. For as hard as it has tried to grab attention with shortened videos and pop-up calls-to-action, the web cannot escape its need for written words. ChatGPT spins up AI conversations in text, branded video content is useless without logo bumpers, TikToks need captions, and HBO opening credits sequences need type choices that work in 8k or in a subway-rider’s palm. The new web can deliver crisp, content and audience–informed typography, and it can do so while respecting your users’ privacy and protecting your online systems.

New Build Roadmap

Let’s see if we’re a good fit by building something together. Engage Typecoast to create a new build roadmap. This is our first step in creating a website. We’ll meet to collect the information we need, follow up with questions and do our own research. In the end, you’ll receive a detailed quote, our recommendations for provider-agnostic next steps, and our early thoughts on how you’ll want to approach UX organization, content creation, brand identity and accessibility, based on your particulars.

We’ll provide a quote for a WordPress–based build, but provide pros and cons to other systems. We’ll provide recommendations on workable routes that involve Typecoast and routes that don’t. Deliverable: one meeting, one document.

Non-refundable, must be scheduled within one month from purchase, and not a guarantee of future work.

Website Audit

If you’ve got questions about where you stand with accessibility, cookies, or website organization, book a website audit. We’ll log into the WordPress admin area of your website, testing speed, security, accessibility, and more, and provide a document of recommendations for improvement.

Includes: 1) recommendations for improvement regarding cookies, GDPR, accessibility assessment of one page, responsiveness & security; or 2) diagnostic look at one major issue with suggested roadmap for improvement.

Requires: hosting & WordPress admin access.